Dani Heard

This was the first time any of us in our close family had been faced with the daunting task of planning a big funeral. This was while we were still in complete shock, exhausted, with family members calling from all over the world offering love and help- but also asking us when the date of the ceremony was so they could arrange their travel plans. Other Funeral Directors in the area told us they were “sorry for our loss”, but it is looking like a couple of months before you’ll get a “slot” in any of the places they were affiliated with. It felt like dealing with a business. However, from our first conversation with Sara at Albert Parr & Sons (who came highly recommended by a family member), things clicked into motion without us even knowing. It felt comforting to talk to someone with so much experience, but that communicates with the patience of a friend, and not a business. We had been left with no guidelines, but through talking to Sara we soon realised how much we already knew about what mum would’ve wanted. After that first call we not only felt a weight lifted off our chests because we’d found a true ally that we knew would be by our side the whole way– but we also already had the perfect date set, in a place that worked 100% with our needs. This didn’t even feel rushed, Sara just got to know us, the family, and the loved one we had lost and suggested ideal places that would suit our needs. This attentive, personalised and efficient service continued in the lead up to the funeral and beyond. Albert Parr & Sons never wavered from their goal of “doing what is best for mum”, and gave us advice and support that went beyond the usual logistical aspects. I can’t thank Sara and the team enough. We already look back on those extremely difficult weeks with some fondness and pride — as we really worked together to organise a beautiful day for mum. Thank you, thank you, thank you.